Rebajas de invierno: hasta un 40% de descuento en calzado de diseño - Portada

Winter sales: up to 40% off our designer shoes

If you’re one of those people who find it hard to get back into the swing of things after Christmas, O.SUR wants to give you something to smile about: our winter sales have arrived! Want to see what discounts we have on our designer shoes? Keep reading!

25% off Tierras Mediterráneas… and more!

The looming prospect of the new year is always made much more manageable by the winter sales, right? So, that’s why at O.SUR we’re offering you significant discounts off a wide selection of our designer shoes.

To start things off, you’ll find a fantastic example of these great offers in our new collection, Tierras Mediterráneas, which will cost you 25% less, whichever model you choose! Or perhaps, if you’re looking for some warm boots for the cold winter days ahead that look elegant with any outfit, take a look at Cerdeña!Rebajas de invierno: hasta un 40% de descuento en calzado de diseño - Cerdeña

Alternatively, Corfú is another exclusive O.SUR creation, giving an urban and eye-catching touch to any outfit. They are also on offer with 25% off. Similarly, O.SUR’s take on court shoes: Creta and Cannes. If you’re looking for a unique and elegant model that will set trends this season, this is your chance!

Are you looking for tall boots with extraordinary style? You’re in luck, because our model Belmonte is also included in the sale. You’ll also find all Bolonia and Alba designs, including men’s models, with a huge discount.

The sales include many more designs other than the Tierras Mediterráneas collection. For example, Aldaia, O.SUR’s women’s sneakers that have been designed with heaps of character. The combination of different fabrics, colours and patterns transforms this model into a city-ready shoe that looks good with any outfit.

Rebajas de invierno: hasta un 40% de descuento en calzado de diseño - Dao

If you’re familiar with O.SUR, you’ll already know that we like to look elegant whether we’re in or out of the house. To make life even easier, these Moroccan slippers Borgo Granate and Verde, as well as the eye-catching Dao Camel and Grosella, are also included in the sale with 25% off.

A huge selection of designer shoes with 40% off

Like we mentioned before, we take the January sales seriously, so things don’t stop there! As well as our Autumn/Winter models, you’ll also find exclusive discounts on our permanent collection.

Rebajas de invierno: hasta un 40% de descuento en calzado de diseño - Arlés

Both women’s and men’s models such as Amalfi, Agrigento, Albi, Arlés, Alcudia and Ajaccio are included. All these models are ideal for adding a contemporary touch to your look and are perfect for any occasion thanks to their carefully executed and laid-back style.

What’s more, you’ll find discounts on two of O.SUR’s most striking sneakers. We are of course talking about Ávila and Alacant. This first model stands out thanks to its subtle silver gleam, whilst the second contrasts black and fuchsia leather, with a carefully crafted leather flower on the shoe’s upper panel to finish off this eye-catching design.

Rebajas de invierno: hasta un 40% de descuento en calzado de diseño - Náuticos

If you still think that boat shoes are exclusively for summer, you’ve obviously not read this post! This designer model is much more versatile that it might first appear, and now, enjoy 40% off all our O.SUR boat shoes: Bello, both men’s and women’s models, and Bellisima.

As you can see, the January blues are much easier to deal with when you’ve got sales such as ours to look forward to. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on that special pair of shoes that didn’t appear under your tree!


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