Pies en casa: ¿sin nada, con calcetines o con un calzado cómodo? (Portada)

When at home: barefoot, socks or comfy shoes?

Spring has sprung at home this year. Whislt we’re not able to leave the house, the weather continues to get brighter and warmer. We are all looking for the most comfortable option around the house, which means many of us are spending more time barefoot. But, is this really the best option? Is it better to wear nothing, or is it better to put on a pair of comfy shoes or slippers when we’re at home? If this is something you’ve been contemplating as well, keep reading!

The experts have sussed it: a range of comfy shoes

Foot health specialists are sure, and advise, that we should be wearing comfortable shoes both outside and inside the house. At home, the ideal option is to wear comfortable slippers that also support our feet.

Pies en casa: ¿sin nada, con calcetines o con un calzado cómodo? (Borgo Verde)

With this in mind, at O.SUR we want to bring your attention to our Borgo models, Verde (dark green) and Granate (rich maroon). Inspired by classic Moroccan slippers, this design will bring a touch of elegance to your homewear. They’re made from 100% cotton velvet, making them luxuriously soft against your skin as well as allowing your feet to breathe and having antibacterial properties.

It’s very important to give your feet the chance and time to get used to different kinds of shoes. Therefore, whilst it’s a good idea to wear slippers, if you’re going to be sat down for a while working, you might want to take them off and let your feet breathe a bit. Take advantage of this time to stretch your feet, wiggle your toes and notice how they make contact with the floor, as if it were a mindfulness exercise.

Pies en casa: ¿sin nada, con calcetines o con un calzado cómodo? (Borgo Granate)

If, like many people at the moment, you are going for walks around the house to get in a bit of exercise, the best thing to do is to wear comfortable shoes. Make sure they’re clean so you don’t tread dirt, germs or bacteria from the street around the house. In these posts, we explain how to best take care of your shoes so they stand the test of time.

Wearing shoes at home is also a good way to prepare your feet for the return to normality, so that when we can go out again it doesn’t feel too alien or even uncomfortable. Besides, it’s also important to feel good, dressing up nicely and getting ready for the day; recovering a lost routine in this strange reality.

Pies en casa: ¿sin nada, con calcetines o con un calzado cómodo? (Cádiz)

More advice and how and when to go barefoot

If you spend a lot of time working from home, it’s vital you take small breaks every couple of hours. Simply stand up, take a quick walk around or do some stretches, making sure to keep the blood circulating around your body and down to your toes.

If you really don’t want to wear shoes or slippers around the house, we recommend wearing some good-quality socks that allow your feet to breathe and grip against the floor. If you don’t want to wear anything, hygiene should be a priority: wash each foot with neutral soap and dry them well, helping to keep irritation to a minimum and fungal infections at bay.

Pies en casa: ¿sin nada, con calcetines o con un calzado cómodo? (Álex)

Your floor at home should be clean, and if you live with other people, make sure you’re all making an effort to keep the build-up of dust and dirt to a minimum. In fact, the best floors for bare feet are soft surfaces such as carpets or rugs, as our feet, legs and body can adjust more easily with each step.

If you’re spending this time at home without shoes or socks, take a minute to notice how you walk and maintain a good posture as much as you can. Try to avoid creating bad habits both in terms of the way you walk and how you carry yourself.

Pies en casa: ¿sin nada, con calcetines o con un calzado cómodo? (Dao)

At O.SUR, we also propose a compromise: have you seen Dao? With two different designs, Camel and Grosella, this model has been created to offer you the utmost comfort at home, whilst maintaining a sense of elegance and fun. Their casual vibes and soft exterior will keep you from going barefoot all day and help you relax as soon as you slip them on.

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