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Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day: the shoes you’ve been dreaming about!

Many of us have circled 14th February in our diaries to remind us that this special day for celebrating the love we share with our partners is approaching. That being said, we mustn’t forget the love we have for ourselves!

With this in mind, O.SUR wants to remind you to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day! Plan something special, enjoy it and get yourself (or receive) something nice: those shoes you’ve been dreaming about. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day on 14th February is a Saint’s day, but its roots lie in the Lupercalia festival, which in Ancient Rome was celebrated on 15th of the month.

At the time, the Church deemed these fertility rituals somewhat indecorous as people stripped themselves of their clothes, sacrificed animals and symbolically lashed women as they believed it would stimulate fertility.

The story of Saint Valentine is wrapped in myths and legends, and there are in fact several saints of the same name, but the Roman Valentine is the most evocative. The legend tells of a priest who opposed Claudio II’s law that prohibited soldiers from marrying, as the emperor wanted them to dedicate their lives exclusively to the military.

Este San Valentín es para ti, hazte con tus zapatos soñados - Pareja

As a result, Valentine of Rome married them in secret. However, when his clandestine operations were discovered, he was sent to the guillotine, thus positioning Valentine in history as a symbol of love. It was easy for people to continue celebrating fertility as they could simply associate it with this 14th February legend, and as such, the Lupercalia festival was replaced.

However, the Valentine’s Day we know and love today first came to pass during the Middle Ages in England and France, due to courtly love. Then, during the XIX century, the festivities were taken over by romanticism, at which point Valentine’s cards became all the rage and the trend began to spread across the world.

Shoes as a symbol of love!

O.SUR’s further winter markdowns coincide happily with Valentine’s Day. So, not only could it be an unfailing gift for your loved one, but also a chance to treat yourself with those shoes you’ve had your eye on all season.

Thanks to this sales campaign, you can now get your hands on models that are perfect for romantic dinners and special evenings with your partner. So, what can you expect to find?

Este San Valentín es para ti, hazte con tus zapatos soñados - Cannes

These unsurpassable court shoes Cannes, a symbol of pure elegance that reinforces the beauty of a woman’s feet thanks to the sateen fabric, elastic mesh and jet back exterior. Cannes is the ideal shoe to pair with an evening dress, now with an incredible 35% off!

For those women with an eye for vintage style and the elegance of decades passed, Creta is the model you’ve been waiting for! Inspired by 1930’s fashions, these court shoes combine camel and black in supreme-quality materials, the perfect match for that special Valentine’s outfit. You won’t want to miss their 33% discount.

Este San Valentín es para ti, hazte con tus zapatos soñados - Creta

Finally, one of the season’s greatest trends is the ankle boot, so if you’re looking for something that oozes modern, urban elegance, Corfú is the model for you!

These boots feature a tear-shaped opening at the bridge that gives this model a fun and casual feel, drawing attention to your feet whilst staying true to this model’s graceful silhouette. Finally, the turned-down ankle lapels put the final touches to this unique design. Don’t miss out: Corfú now has 28% off for a limited time only.

Este San Valentín es para ti, hazte con tus zapatos soñados - Corfú

We hope we’ve managed to get you excited about celebrating Valentine’s Day to the maximum this year: showing the love you have for your special ones, but also for yourself! At O.SUR, we hope that this Valentine’s Day you appreciate you! And that that special pair of shoes becomes a true symbol of love!


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