The key to finding your street style? The right pair of sneakers

Street style looks are taking the fashion world by storm. These outfits, refusing to bow down to runway rules, come straight out of the wardrobe of dynamic, daring city-dwellers, whose bold visions are later knocked off by big brands.

One of the main aspects of street style is footwear: carefree, comfortable and with a touch of sportiness. Nothing fits that description better than sneakers! That’s why we have decided to dedicate this post to reviewing the top features of this style and suggesting sneakers that will help you put together that authentic urban outfit you are looking for.

What is street style and where does it come from?

Street style refers to fashion that is able to keep up with the fast pace of big, bustling cities. It is fresh, versatile and functional. It doesn’t play by anyone else’s rules and always stays a step ahead of passing fads. These looks reflect the person wearing them, making street style a way for urban populations to forge their identity and make their own rules.

As its name implies, street style is about what’s being worn on the streets of big cities by young people who aren’t afraid of making a statement with never-before-seen looks. These ideas are later taken by designers.

Cómo conseguir un look urban style: encuentra las sneakers perfectas - Albi

Because of its roots, street style has drawn heavily from the clothing worn by different urban tribes, beginning with rock’n’roll fans in the 1950s and later finding solid ground with the 1960s youth revolutionists. Since then it has taken on other counterculture styles, such as punk, hip-hop and grunge.

Photography has always played a key role in street style fashion. Graphic journalists would scour the streets for new trends and send their findings straight to mainstream magazines, which would then give the outfits their stamp of approval.

Cómo conseguir un look urban style: encuentra las sneakers perfectas - Belmonte

Today, that role belongs more to social media networks like Instagram, where influencers set their own trends or generate buzz around what’s new in the world of street style. This new dynamic, where edgy new looks hit the mainstream in a matter of months, has effectively stomped out the counterculture aspect of it all.

Key tips (and sneakers) for your street style looks

Entre las prendas más destacadas del urban style se encuentran las sudaderas y las camisetas, que en los últimos años tienden al over-size y a incluir algún tipo de eslogan. Los jeans son el pantalón básico de estos ouftits, en todos los colores y formas.

At the heart of street style are hoodies and t-shirts, which in recent years tend to be over-sized and feature some sort of slogan. Jeans are the preferred bottoms in these outfits, in all colours, shapes and sizes.

Vegetable-tanned leather jackets are also trending, while black and striking shades stand out in terms of colour. Camouflage, animal, bleach and home-customized prints are also great trends that add a burst of personality.

Cómo conseguir un look urban style: encuentra las sneakers perfectas - Agrigento

What about footwear? Like we said at the start, sneakers are the stars of street style. By adding a dose of sportiness, these fundamentally urban shoes are ideal for rounding out any street style look.

At O.SUR we want to help you find your own street style! Check out, the Sneaker Spotlight campaign we launched for that very purpose. All the sneakers featured in the campaign have been carefully picked and are on sale for €38. So which ones do we recommend for your outfit?

Cómo conseguir un look urban style: encuentra las sneakers perfectas - Trío

For women: :

  • Amalfi: this black leather slip-on sneaker is all the rage and pairs to perfection with any bottom you can think of.
  • Ávila: this sneaker’s classic design and hues contrast with the delightful silvery powder finish.
  • Belmonte: sneakers aside, this tall boot is bursting with urban spirit: the innovative pairing of black elastane fabric against the stark white platform make them the centre of attention wherever they go.

Cómo conseguir un look urban style: encuentra las sneakers perfectas - Ávila

For men::

  • Agrigento: boldness and elegance wrapped into a classic sneaker that combines patent leather and suede in an eye-catching range of colours and hues.
  • Ajaccio: this slip-on sneaker playfully features army and khaki green shades, making it 100% in fashion and 100% urban.
  • Albí: this fresh-faced yet elegantly urban sneaker is versatile enough for leisurewear and visits to the office, too.

What about you? Are you a fan of street style? Choose your favourite O.SUR sneakers or boots and show us what you are wearing them with!


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