The importance of having a sustainable wardrobe and handcrafted footwear

At O.SUR we strive to promote sustainable fashion by selling handcrafted footwear. Our designs are made by local shoemakers with environmentally friendly materials and each one is imbued with a drop of Mediterranean essence.

That is why the launch of Laura Opazo’s new book Armario sostenible (Sustainable Wardrobe) struck us as great news. It pushes for a change in mindset, one that is becoming more crucial with every passing day. In this post we go over some of her ideas, so if you are interested, keep reading!

Sustainable wardrobe: why more responsible consumption is a pressing matter

Laura Opazo is a publicist who in recent years has become a champion of sustainable fashion. In her new release she admits that she was not always aware of the effects of clothing manufacturing and low-cost consumerism. Now, however, she is calling for a shift, which she has laid out for readers in her book.

Armario sostenible: aprende a comprar de manera consciente e inteligente (Sustainable Wardrobe: Learn to Shop Consciously and Smart) works as a guide to responsible consumption. To help readers understand the full complexity surrounding the fashion industry and our responsibility as consumers, Laura Opazo tells her story, addresses the consequences of the current model and hands over the keys to dressing more sustainably.

La importancia de tener un armario sostenible y un calzado artesanal - Libro

Low-cost fashion comes at a high environmental cost, not to mention the fact that it has destroyed thousands of jobs and created new ones with measly wages. Selling products well below their true market price makes it next to impossible for the average consumer to gauge the fair value of a garment.

This is especially relevant when it comes to products such as handcrafted footwear: shoes created with the highest quality products and processes, respecting the workers and the industry they represent, are naturally going to have a higher price tag than other low-cost alternatives. Although their durability, sustainability and quality are unmatched, many find them expensive, even when the margins are actually quite tight.

La importancia de tener un armario sostenible y un calzado artesanal - Herramientas

The troublesome landscape painted by Laura Opazo in her book is also something we talked about here at O.SUR when discussing the huge impact that choosing sustainable footwear has on bolstering the industry of Mediterranean Spain and preserving its legacy.

You can have a look at the post where we talk about the importance of choosing footwear responsibly and another about Valencia’s shoemaking tradition.

Shopping responsibly and finding your own style

Armario sostenible advocates for responsible shopping based on information and knowledge about what goes into creating a product. It also highlights the value of reusing and recycling fashion garments.

In one of our previous posts, we echoed the ideas put forth by American fashion journalist Dana Thomas and provided some tips for re-wearing shoes with different outfits to give them a new twist. Laura Opazo agrees with her colleague from across the pond and encourages readers to ignore trends and instead find their own style.

La importancia de tener un armario sostenible y un calzado artesanal - Artesano

This idea chimes with our philosophy here at O.SUR: our collections steer clear of passing fads. All our designs are timeless, drawing on simple lines that follow the tradition of Mediterranean footwear. Thanks to their design and durability, our shoes last for many years and can be combined with all sorts of outfits.

Putting our philosophy into action helps us to offset the data, which unfortunately speaks for itself: 20% of wardrobed garments are only used once and up to 50% have not been used for half a year.

In line with the change in consumer thinking and to make us more aware of what we already own, Opazo promotes her “capsule wardrobe” idea, which is based on reducing the quantity and enhancing the quality of garments, ensuring they are stylish, combine well, and fit their owner.

La importancia de tener un armario sostenible y un calzado artesanal - Cannes

In addition, she underlines the importance of wardrobes being tidy and organised. Order, maintenance and choosing more long-lasting products are also key for O.SUR. You can read more about these principles in two of our posts, the first of which hones in on proper storage and maintenance and the second, on taking specific care of each type of shoe.

What do you think about Laura Opazo’s ideas? If you want to find out more about them (and understand Spanish), check out this interview in and, of course, do not miss her book Armario sostenible, published by Zenith.

We hope we were able to catch your attention and make you a bit more aware of just how important it is to choose top-notch products such as handcrafted footwear.

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