Sneaker Spotlight: sneakers and deck shoes at one exclusive price!

Back to school means a change of seasons! Even though we might still have a few weeks of sunny weather left, it is time to start thinking about swapping out our summer sandals for warmer footwear. To help usher in the autumn, we are launching a new campaign called Sneaker Spotlight, during which certain O.SUR sneakers and deck shoes will be marked down to a very special price.

Itching to know what Sneaker Spotlight is all about and what footwear you will be able to show off this autumn? Read on to find out!

A selection of sneakers and deck shoes for only €38

Sneaker Spotlight features a range of urban footwear for autumn as well as other more summary designs. With classic high-top and slip-on sneakers and deck shoes for both men and women on sale, we could not think of a better way to say ciao to one season and hello to the next.

Sneaker Spotlight: precios exclusivos en sneakers y náuticos (Arles)

For the next few weeks, we will be selling 14 of our designs at €38, meaning virtually half off on any of the select pairs. With this exclusive deal, we hope to prolong the warm summer vibes and dress your feet in shoes full of style and personality.

So, what O.SUR designs are in the spotlight?

Classic sneakers

Sneaker Spotlight: precios exclusivos en sneakers y náuticos (Agrigento)

Slip-on sneakers

Sneaker Spotlight: precios exclusivos en sneakers y náuticos (Amalfi)

  • Ajaccio: this laceless slip-on sneaker is ideal for the change of seasons. The urban-inspired army and khaki green shades go just as perfectly with informal outfits as they do with formalwear. Pair it with a shirt or blazer and you will add a young, casual feel to your look.
  • Alacant: this feminine shoe takes the classic design of a slip-on sneaker and adds its own eye-catching burst of colour and frippery. The black leather upper contrasts against the fuchsia sole and elegant handmade flower.
  • Alcudia: this urban low-rise sneaker is the ideal choice for giving your shirt and jeans look that something extra it needs to really make a statement. The wool-covered front with khaki hues gives this unique design a twist of playfulness.
  • Amalfi: mature and elegant, this low-rise sneaker’s black leather and classic white rubber sole give it a minimalist urban feel that goes with everything on both guys and gals. It’s a no-brainer!
  • Arlés: this slip-on sneaker is elegance with a pop of colour. The suede gives off a warm feel, which is only further enhanced by the toasty burgundy colour. Meanwhile, the elastic tongue in place of laces features a range of coloured stripes, creating a fun-loving yet delicate look.

Deck shoes

Sneaker Spotlight: precios exclusivos en sneakers y náuticos (Bellos Amarillo)

  • Bello is O.SUR’s family of men’s and women’s deck shoes. This timeless footwear design can be worn with any style and for any season, not just on coastal holidays. The shoes come in three colours: light blue (Caribe), navy blue (Navy) and yellow (Yellow).
  • Bellissima is O.SUR’s range of women’s deck shoes. The Caribe (light blue), Navy (navy blue) and Yellow (yellow) models feature a neat little striped bow that plays off the colour of each design. During the change of seasons in any city with a temperate climate, these deck shoes are great with a pair of chinos and will give your look a summery vibe.

Have you always dreamed of kicking off the new school year with everything you need to look great for autumn? With a little help from our Sneaker Spotlight campaign at O.SUR, it is a cinch! Just pick the design (or designs) you like best and they can be yours for only €38. So, what are you waiting for? Your perfect footwear awaits!


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