Calzado y salud: descubre la importancia de elegir bien tus zapatos (Portada)

Shoes and your health: choosing the right pair of shoes for you

Choosing the wrong shoes might not only cause you problems in the short term, it might even end up doing long-lasting damage. So, want to know more about the impact this could have on your health and how to make sure you choose shoes that fit you properly? We reveal all in this post!

What makes us choose shoes that don’t fit our feet?

Mobility starts at our feet, but did you know that our health does too? Choosing the right shoes means that we can walk or practise sport without impacting negatively on the rest of our body, or at least, reducing that impact to a minimum. In fact, poorly fitting pair of shoes, or shoes that aren’t right for our feet, could cause a whole host of problems.

The first thing we notice is discomfort; they might make us unstable on our feet which could cause us to trip. Additionally, walking in inappropriate shoes, even just for a short while, can cause pins and needles in our feet and even numbness, which means walking anywhere is the last thing we feel like doing, at least in those shoes.

Calzado y salud: descubre la importancia de elegir bien tus zapatos (Alba Chocolate)

Over time, this pain becomes more of a concern: calluses and hard skin, bunions and ingrown toenails are just some of the common problems caused by shoes that do not fit correctly. Without space to breath, our toes can end up curving inwards or we could start to suffer from Hanglund’s deformity, which is when a bony swelling begins to appear at our heel.

We also run the risk of causing the arch of our foot to fall, making an existing ache even worse or causing a new one. However, other parts of our legs can also become affected, such as our knees: due to a lack of support or grip, our knees are forced to absorb the impact of each step, causing painful aches or even arthritis.

Calzado y salud: descubre la importancia de elegir bien tus zapatos (Amalfi)

Finally, using poorly fitting shoes, for example with high, unstable heels, could lead to poor posture in the medium and long term as they force us keep a rigid, upright position to compensate for our lack of balance. We could even start to see back or neck pain. That’s why it’s so important to find and wear the right pair of shoes!

The keys to choosing the right shoes for you

Everything we have just mentioned can be easily avoided by following a series of pointers when we go to buy new shoes. The first three considerations when buying new shoes should be that they:

  1. Protect your feet.
  2. Allow you to walk for as long as you like.
  3. Are comfortable and easy to wear.

What’s more, we should also be choosing shoes that are right for our age, the shape of our feet, any existing pain and of course, our taste! A specialist tip that often seems to surprise us is that we should be measuring our feet every so often, around once a year. But, why? Well, our feet change as we get older, becoming longer and wider, so we need to keep an eye on what size shoe we’re wearing throughout our lives.

Calzado y salud: descubre la importancia de elegir bien tus zapatos (Grupo)

With that said, here are some of the key points to bear firmly in mind when it comes to choosing the right shoes:

  • Our feet are at their most comfortable in shoes with a rounded toe, as it gives our toes enough space to move and breath.
  • The upper part of the shoe needs to fully support our instep, allowing us to walk comfortably without causing stress on any other part of the body.
  • The shoes must be slightly elevated, even if they are flat, and with a slight heel. If you want to wear high heels, the shoes should ideally support your feet and keep you stable when you’re standing.
  • It’s always a good idea to look for soft insoles that make our shoes more comfortable and reduce the impact on the rest of our legs when we walk.
  • The material used needs to be soft, as delicate as possible and non-synthetic. This makes our shoes more flexible, comfortable and durable.

When looking for a good pair of shoes, we need to look for the best quality in every respect: from the kind of material to its assembly. The time and care a shoemaker takes to ensure these aspects are properly addressed, as we do at O.SUR, are impossible to replicate in mass-produced shoes sold for the lowest possible price.

At O.SUR, we take great care over the design of our shoes to ensure you get your hands on quality footwear. Now you know how important shoes can be for our health, our feet and even the rest of our body, as you’ve seen what to look out for when choosing your next pair of shoes, what are you waiting for? Take a look at our very own collection!



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