Nueva colección de zapatos de diseño: conoce Tierras mediterráneas (Portada)

Our new collection of designer shoes: Tierras mediterráneas

Here at the O.SUR headquarters, we’ve been waiting anxiously to share our news with you for the past few days! And now, thankfully the moment has come! On 4 November we’re launching our new collection of designer shoes for this autumn/winter season: Tierras meditarráneas. We want to tell you all about it in this post!

Tierras mediterráneas: inspiration for our new designer shoes

The Mediterranean is a fantastic source of inspiration for all our O.SUR designs. So, for this new collection, Corinne Ferrer has explored the soul-stirring energies of different parts of the Mediterranean and their unmistakable colour palettes.

These new models exhibit tonal shades that range from sandy beige to the darkest, blackest brown, taking us on a marvellous chromatic journey and evoking the lands that embrace our Mediterranean sea.

This collection includes four new designer shoes for women: two models of court shoe, a pair of ankle boots and another calf-length boot design. It also includes three of our permanent, emblematic O.SUR models: Alba, Bolonia and Belmonte. So, what’s new?

Two new court shoe designs: Cannes and Creta

Court shoes are the perfect statement for formal events thanks to their elegant and iconic shape. In fact, we’ll be divulging the story behind this model very soon! So, what are they?

In broad terms, it is a closed design that perfectly supports our feet without the need for laces, zips or buckles. Additionally, the heel and toe are also closed, whilst the bridge of our foot remains uncovered. Their characteristic cut and heel height are unmistakable features of this shoe.

With this in mind, here are the two models offered as part of our new Tierras meditarráneas collection:

Cannes: a heeled shoe with an elastic mesh covering the bridge of the foot. This model is designed to highlight the shape of the foot, creating an air of sensuality and great elegance. The jet black exterior and 4 cm heel are the perfect features to conclude this one-of-a-kind design.

Nueva colección de zapatos de diseño: conoce Tierras mediterráneas (Cannes)

Creta: a model that harks back to the vintage shoes of the 1930s. This design’s refined shape emanates formality, yet with a touch of audacity thanks to its 4 cm heel. The combination of camel and black put the finished touches to its evocative vintage spirit.

Nueva colección de zapatos de diseño: conoce Tierras mediterráneas (Creta 2)

Our new boots: Corfú and Cerdeña

The final two Tierras mediterráneas models are classic options as we move into autumn and winter. First of all, the ankle boots are built like their taller cousins, but only cover the foot and ankle, maintaining a graceful, feminine style.

Secondly, our other calf-length design is perfect for the coldest days of winter, keeping your feet and ankles completely protected from the elements. Here they are in more detail:

Corfú: ankle boots in an intense shade of brown and made from suede. This design features special details such as the risqué opening at the bridge, the folded lapel around the ankle and the 2 cm suede heel, overall resulting in an elegant and contemporary model.

Nueva colección de zapatos de diseño: conoce Tierras mediterráneas (Corfú)

Cerdeña: versatile, chestnut-coloured boots finished with faux leather upper that can be folded down to give them a fun, wintery touch. The leather base is shaped to the ankle, whilst the faux-suede upper is staged by a chunky, 5 cm heel.

Nueva colección de zapatos de diseño: conoce Tierras mediterráneas (Cerdeña)

Remember that the sneaker-style loafers, Bolonia (Bosque and Camel), the boots Alba (Minerale and Chocolate) and the tall boots, Belmonte also form part of the Tierras mediterréas collection, so don’t forget to take a look!

What do you think of O.SUR’s new autumn/winter collection? We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about them as much as we have enjoyed creating and revealing them to you. Visit each link to see the models in more detail and, as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re waiting for you!


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