O.SUR shoes keep your feet healthy: find out how!

In our last post, we shared our top 10 tips for keeping your feet healthy. Now we would like to take things further, zeroing in on what our designs do for you. Want to know how O.SUR’s shoes protect the health of your feet? Read on to find out!

Harnessing our knowledge and experience to design shoes that protect your foot health

At O.SUR, we put our heart and soul into crafting shoes. Each design is imbued with years’ worth of knowledge and experience, which also includes the traditional know-how and craftsmanship of the local workshops we collaborate with.

Our designs seek to embody perfection, so shoemaking for us lies in the detail. We know every thread, every piece of leather and cloth, and every assembly technique that goes into crafting our shoes. This is the only way of ensuring the perfect result: a beautifully complex masterpiece that your feet deserve.

Cómo cuidan los zapatos de O.SUR la salud de tus pies - Horma Cannes

Lasts are the cornerstone of masterful shoemaking, which is why one is specifically manufactured for every shoe design, size and foot type. Producing optimal lasts is the first step in taking care of our customers’ feet.

Wondering what qualities each part of the shoe should have? As we have explained on several occasions, the heel is key, as it provides the entire shoe with the support it needs and is responsible for ensuring proper foot posture and movement. That’s why we say to use quality heels that do not exceed the 6-cm limit!

The back part of our shoes above the heel are kept narrow to increase foot support and grip. The front part of the shoe, on the other hand, is higher, wider and longer to give your feet the room they need.

Cómo cuidan los zapatos de O.SUR la salud de tus pies - Taller

Design measurements must take into account our feet’s resting position as well as the movements they perform when we walk. Therefore, crafting perfectly-fitting shoes means knowing how to coordinate these values with each part of the foot: sole, instep, toe height, etc.

But that’s not all! Since the sole’s hardness index and resistance to wear also play an important role, at O.SUR we look after these aspects too. Our millimetric attention to fit and foot health is what makes us stand out amongst all other brands.

Fine, innovative materials that blend quality, health and style

Our on-paper designs and lasts prompt us to take special care when selecting materials. That’s why at O.SUR we rely exclusively on fine materials and are always looking to innovate. Our shoes need to provide proper support, sure, but they have to look refined too!

Cómo cuidan los zapatos de O.SUR la salud de tus pies - Artesano

The outer part of our footwear showcases materials of the highest quality, but we hold the inner part (the lining) to the same standard of excellence. As manufacturers, we spare no expense in this regard, which is why all of our models, except for our summer moccasins, which are meant to give a barefoot-like feel, double their length in material.

Leather is one of our favourite materials for many reasons: it is a natural product that is highly flexible, adaptable and capable of absorbing moisture. This last trait is key for our foot health, as we mentioned in our last post, which is why leather is O.SUR’s unrivalled top pick. Moreover, to prevent allergic reactions to the chemical products so often used to tan leather, at O.SUR we champion vegetable tanning, a deep-rooted tradition that preserves the material and respects the environment.

Cómo cuidan los zapatos de O.SUR la salud de tus pies - Cannes (Pies)

However, innovation is also a hallmark of our brand, which is why we always stay on top of the latest trends and are open to using new materials to replace leather. Although we are currently conducting serious tests on different raw materials, we will put off using them in our designs until we can be perfectly certain of their quality and guarantees.

At O.SUR, we work every day to create footwear that is friendly to your feet. Try on a pair of our shoes to feel the difference for yourself; other brands pale in comparison! What’s more, thanks to our experience, tradition and selection of materials, our shoes will last you much longer than your average pair. This means that you will be able to enjoy your O.SUR footwear and take care of your feet season after season!


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