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The best ways to dress to impress in silver shoes

Silver shoes have been one of the biggest trends in recent seasons. They might seem like a bold or complicated choice, but finding an outfit to go with silver shoes is actually easier than it might seem, in fact, they are a pretty versatile option.

The key is choosing the colours of the other pieces you want to pair them with, as well as bearing in mind the style of shoe in order to match them with other shapes in your outfit. Want to know more and discover our models Bizerte and Baki? Keep reading and we’ll reveal all!

Colour combinations for your silver shoes

As we said at the start of this post, silver shoes are much more versatile than they might seem at first glance. We’ve chosen 5 colours that go best with silver, although they’re not the only ones… we’ll give you a clue to the rest. Let’s get started!

  • Black: one of the the most adaptable colours and the most common in our wardrobes. In fact, combining silver shoes with a completely black outfit makes for a perfect look as it creates a contrast against the dark monotony and gives you a very elegant finish.
  • White: a fresh and summery choice that goes hand in hand with shiny shades of silver. As with the previous example, you could dress head to toe in white and finish with contrasting silver shoes, achieving a fresh and youthful look.

Cómo combinar zapatos plateados - Baki (Pantalones blancos)

  • Red: this is much more eye-catching option, perfect if you want to showcase an attractive and cheerful look without losing a shred of elegance. For example, a red dress and silver shoes could be an ideal outfit for a date or a special event.
  • Denim: this fabric and colour is consistently present in all fashions and seasons. It is a more informal option, but with many possibilities since you can choose to sport these shoes with a denim shirt, cigarette or ankle-length jeans, or denim shorts.
  • Nude: another on-trend colour this season, how could we not think to combine it with shining silvers! This is a great way to make our clothes stand out and achieve a new kind of luminance. The same thing happens with other pastel tones, so don’t hesitate to go for a lighter touch, giving your outfit a bit of sparkle without losing any subtlety.

Cómo combinar zapatos plateados - Bizerte (Pantalones pastel)

How to flaunt our silver shoes, Bizerte and Baki

At O.SUR we have two different silver models, each one a different design that can be best paired with different pieces of clothing. Want to know how to really show them off?

Bizerte: this model is a loafer. Given its design characteristics, it goes perfectly with fitted jeans (perfect for those silver tones!), but also with dresses and skirts. It is a very versatile shoe which makes it easy to show off its beauty and give your outfit a sophisticated touch, simply by keeping in mind the colours we mention above.

Cómo combinar zapatos plateados - Bizerte (Álex)

Baki: this model is a type of Moroccan slipper, a totally Mediterranean flat shoe. They can be worn as part of a formal outfit with fitted white trousers, but also with pastel tones or wide-leg trousers. Likewise, they would also be a great option for summer days wearing floaty dresses and skirts.

Cómo combinar zapatos plateados - Baki (Cecilia)

We hope that these tips and tricks help you dare to step out in your silver shoes, you’ve got no excuse! At O.SUR, you will find two models that can be worn to all occassions. What are you waiting for to enjoy this bright and shining trend?

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