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Handcrafted shoes: one giant leap towards sustainable fashion

At O.SUR, we’re big supporters of sustainable fashion for everyone involved: clients, manufacturers and the planet. Creating handcrafted shoes is our way of meeting this objective and making a commitment to the local economy as well as standing up for quality, durability and versatility. Want to know more about our philosophy? Keep reading!

Handcrafted fashion and footwear as an alternative to mass consumption

Over the last few decades, and especially since the start of the twenty-first century, we have a seen a growth in mass consumption and low-cost fashion. The majority of big brands have relocated their production teams, taking them to countries where working conditions are poor and sometimes in breach of human rights.

Low-cost fashion also encompasses using low-quality materials. If we add this to consumers’ constant need to acquire new products, it means that we hardly use the clothes and shoes we already own. Whether it’s due to damage or to avoid wearing the same outfit twice, our clothes end up in the bin after as little as five wears. Not only is this unfortunate, but it also leads to an extraordinary volume of waste and contributes to polluting the planet.

Calzado artesanal, un gran paso hacia una moda sostenible - Corfú

However, as Dana Thomas (journalist and fashion writer) explains in this revealing article, we’re presented with more alternatives by the day! In a society where information is so accessible and we can trace the origin of every shoe or garment, it’s about time we opened our eyes and did some research! We should be looking at the conditions under which each brand is produced, who are we really benefiting, are we supporting the exploitation of other people or, in terms of the product itself, are we compromising on materials and finishes?

Therefore, when we take an interest in how something is made, for example our shoes, the next step is to make more conscious decisions when we shop.  Each of us can make this transition when we decide which models we support, and which we steer clear of.

Calzado artesanal, un gran paso hacia una moda sostenible - Alba

When we make a commitment to buy less, spend more consciously and choose higher-quality products, we shouldn’t be put off by the idea of wearing our current shoes, dresses or coats more than once, not even for important events. This is the so-called “re-wear” movement. It might seem like a normal concept for most of us, but it has become something of a trend among front-page celebrities such as Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

In fact, all you need to do is take a look at their Instagram accounts, where you can see how Kate and Meghan repeatedly wear certain items to more than one official event. Notice how they haven’t lost an ounce of elegance? Exactly! Evidently, their effortless style doesn’t depend on showcasing the latest shoes or clothes each day. They know how to give each item a new lease of life on each different occasion.

Re-wearing shoes and discovering new outfits

If you’re familiar with O.SUR, you’ll already know that all our shoes are handcrafted. They are made 100% in Spain by shoemakers that form part of the traditional Eastern Mediterranean industry. So, keeping the production chain within Spanish borders provides huge support to the local economy, as well as guaranteeing the highest quality both in terms of materials and finishes.

Calzado artesanal, un gran paso hacia una moda sostenible - Baki Gold

However, the durability of O.SUR’s handcrafted shoes isn’t just evident in how resistant each model is. Their longevity is also intimately linked to their design, which has been inspired by timeless Mediterranean models, then given a modern spin in order to bring you these authentic contemporary classics.

In addition, this can be added to by the fact that O.SUR models are versatile and designed to be worn with many different styles. In reality, this means they can be used for years on end, whilst their function may vary depending on the outfit, or each shoe reinvents its look depending on the occasion.

Calzado artesanal, un gran paso hacia una moda sostenible - Corfú (Suelo)

The result? Fewer purchases, which are more thought through, and elegance that isn’t afraid to show its face twice as it has been expressly designed to adapt to the wearer’s wardrobe. One example of the versatility of O.SUR’s handcrafted shoes are the boots Corfú.

This model can be worn with informal jeans, boyfriend or skinny, and look perfectly at home as winter boots. On the other hand, thanks to its bold design finished off with an elegant opening on the bridge of the foot, they can also be worn with cocktail dresses and long skirts, completely transforming their function.

Calzado artesanal, un gran paso hacia una moda sostenible - Baki Plata

Another example is the Baki models, O.SUR’s take on Moroccan slippers. They can of course be worn in summer as slippers with their heel folded down, giving any outfit a laid-back feel perfect for the holiday season. But why not wear Baki Gold or Baki Plata as a ballerina with elegant cigarette trousers or skinny jeans? This could transform your outfit into the perfect city look, that’s neither out of place at the office nor around town for a coffee on Sunday morning.

Handcrafted shoes, designed to last and to be worn for many years, are an excellent alternative to fast and low-cost fashion. At O.SUR, we support this movement to the bitter end! So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to create a more conscious and sustainable world!



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