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Further markdowns: wear designer shoes at outstanding prices!

Haven’t got your fill of O.SUR’s winter sales yet? We have good news: now, our discounts are rising and our prices are falling with up to 50% off and new models added to the sales. So, if you want to be seen in designer shoes, this is your chance!

From 25% to 50% off Tierras mediterráneas

We’re now offering very special prices on all models from O.SUR’s newest collection, Tierras mediterráneas.

Corfú has become one of our star designer shoes thanks to its elegant shape, audacious details and graceful heel. These unique, brown-suede boots now have 28% off, meaning they can be yours for just €100. You’ll also find Creta at this price, our vintage-inspired court shoes that will transport your outfit back to the incredible trends of the 1930s.

Zapatos de diseño a un precio único - Cannes

If you’ve got a special event coming up and you still haven’t decided which shoes you’ll be wearing, wait until you read this: our court shoes, Cannes, have an amazing 36% off. This model’s simple shape in elegant black and with a 4-cm heel, designed to highlight the sultry silhouette of your feet, is an ideal choice for any occasion!

Or instead, perhaps you’re looking for some boots that will protect your feet from this winter’s cold and rain? Our versatile model Cerdeña, with a classic design that can also be worn folded down, is now on offer with 28% off.

In our permanent collection, Bolonia Bosque and Camel, the city-ready sneaker created using seamless construction techniques to guarantee the wearer the utmost comfort, also now feature a 25% discount.

Zapatos de diseño a un precio único - Bolonia

Another essential model such as Alba, with three different designs (Minerale, Chocolate and men’s), will also stop you in your tracks with its new, discounted price. What’s more, it’s the best season to be wearing these boots, which are ideal for stepping out in the rain and the cold. Choose whichever one you like best: they’re all on sale!

On another note, the great Belmonte, one of our most spectacular designs, are half price: get yours hands on these eye-catching, urban and fun-loving designer shoes!

Sneakers for every taste with 40% off!

All our O.SUR sneakers, high-top and low-rise, slip-on and lace-up, women’s and men’s, are also marked down even further with 40% off. Or, if you’re after laid-back and city-ready designs, look no further!

Zapatos de diseño a un precio único - Sneakers

Ávila and Alacant are two unique O.SUR women’s sneakers. Both models are pretty remarkable: the first will add a sparkly touch to any outfit thanks to its silver gleam. The second combines black and fuchsia and features a handmade flower that creates a fantastic contrast.

If you’re looking for slip-on sneakers, low-rise and without laces, choose between the cool and urban Amalfi, Arlés’ colourful palette, daring Alcudia or the Ajaccio’s fun combination of fabrics.

Zapatos de diseño a un precio único - Agrigento

Next to be featured are Agrigento and Albi, our high-top, lace-up models. These designer shoes are a fresh take on classic sneakers but with a new look thanks to the original materials and colour palette, resulting in a sophisticated and urban model. If you like your shoes to have a bold touch about them, Agrigento is the model for you, whilst if you prefer a more formal design that goes with everything, choose Albi!

Further markdowns on even more designer shoes

Somewhere between sneakers and boots we find Aldaia, also marked down! A discount of 25% to be exact… This casual, unpretentious model featuring floral patterns and finishes is closer than you might think to being yours.

At O.SUR, we’re also looking forward to spring and summer, which means all our 100% Mediterranean-inspired shoes designed for warmer temperatures are also included in these further markdowns.  Make sure you don’t miss out!

Zapatos de diseño a un precio único - Bizerte

For example, all Bizerte models now have unbeatable discounts: Beige (15%), Rosa (15%), Plata (11%), Marino (12%) and Ocre (12%). What more do you need to get your hands on a seamlessly constructed loafer that oozes Mediterranean radiance?

Barbate Beige, Barbate Marino and Cadaqués: these models are a fresh take on the classic espadrille, and are now reduced to €70 (that’s a 22% discount!). Alternatively, you might choose Cádiz (both Azul and Teja). The colourful fusion of classic espadrilles and elegant ballerinas, now with 21% off.

Zapatos de diseño a un precio único - Baki

Similarly, how about O.SUR’s Moroccan slippers? They also feature further markdowns this season! We are of course talking about Baki Gold, Baki Plata, Baki Hielo, Catania Magnesio and Catania Bronzite, all of which now feature 28% off. Give your style a touch of exoticism!

Our boat shoes are also included in this special promotion, now with a fantastic 40% off. Our unisex models (Bello Navy, Caribe and Yellow) and women’s models (Bellissima Navy, Caribe and Yellow) will now cost you a mere €48. So, why not start wearing this design now, which is much more versatile than you might think?

Finally, wearing designer shoes around the house is also possible at unbeatable prices. The new models Dao Camel and Grosella have 33% off, whilst our indoor Moroccan slippers, Borgo Verde and Granate, also feature a 30% discount. Stay stylish for any occasion!

As you can see, at O.SUR, we take these markdowns very seriously and are offering you the chance to get your hands on all our models for some amazing prices. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours today!


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