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Discover and follow the #KuToo movement with our flat shoes

We said it last week when we discussed flat shoes: comfort and elegance can always go hand in hand. This is precisely the philosophy behind a new movement stirring in Japan that has been coined #KuToo, whose objective it is to do away with the obligation of wearing heels to work as a sign of etiquette.

In this post, we want to tell you about the #KuToo movement and reflect upon some stories closer to home. If you want to know more about it all, keep reading!

The obligation to wear heels and some examples of progress

The high heel is still a steadfast option for women when it comes to attending an event with a smart/casual dress code. Not only that, but in many professions it is compulsory to wear heels, for example for conference hostesses.

Each year, controversies emerge regarding the rulebooks on how female employees of big events should dress, which has little to do with those written for their male counterparts. The ensuing protests end up effecting changes in line with the current times; small steps that contribute to debunking the equation of high heels = elegance.

KuToo con nuestros zapatos planos - Baki

One of the most profound transformations took place in the air, where female flight attendants suffer most from the demands of etiquette. Last Spring, Norwegian Air changed their dress code and now allows their female employees to wear flat shoes.

This came about following a fierce controversy as they previously requested flight attendants to wear heels of least two centimetres. Since May, female employees have been able to wear elegant shoes without needing to suffer for eight hours of the day.

The #KuToo revolution, one step further!

By this point you must be wondering: okay, but what exactly is #KuToo? It’s a feminist movement that has started in Japan and that plays on the famous #MeToo hashtag. In this case though, it makes reference to the Japanese words for shoes (kutsu) and pain (kutsuu), thus criticising the discomfort one experiences working in heels for hours on end. It is also an item that is often used when looking for employment or one that is associated with elegance.

KuToo con nuestros zapatos planos - Bizerte

The movement is being led by actress Yumi Ishikawa, who has gained a huge following throughout Japan. In fact, she has written a manifesto to pressure the country’s government into passing a law banning heels in the workplace.

Given that there is no obligation for men to wear uncomfortable items of clothing, Ishikawa and her followers consider it to be a form of discrimination. There are even other recorded cases that support the movement: British Columbia (Canada) already passed a law in 2017 that prohibits companies from imposing the etiquette of high heels.

Flat shoes by O.SUR: elegance and comfort

At O.SUR, we fully support the requisition being made by the #KuToo movement. Why? Because we defend the fact that flat shoes are never lacking in elegance. Of course, companies can have a dress code so that their employees can demonstrate corporate values and maintain a high standard of dress.

KuToo con nuestros zapatos planos - Catania

However, the high heel is neither a mark of distinction for women, nor should women be requested to work under uncomfortable, or even painful conditions. It is possible to work in flat shoes, be comfortable and dress with great elegance: it all comes down to knowing how to choose the most appropriate design for each occasion.

At O.SUR, you’ll find an entire collection of flat shoes inspired by the Meditteranean that are ideal for complying with any kind of dress code. For example, you could re-read our previous post about the models you could choose to wear to various summer events. There you will find, for example, Bizerte: an incredibly comfortable and stylish moccasin that will be perfectly in tune with at any office or sophisticated event. We also have Baki, also featured in this post’s title image, with different designs to suit every style and place; or Catania, a Moraccan slipper with a metallic finish that gives it a very distinguished look.

KuToo con nuestros zapatos planos - Alex con Bizerte

Take a look at our collection of flat shoes for women at O.SUR and join #KuToo, because comfort and elegance can always go hand in hand!


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