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Designer shoes for men: more choice than you might think!

There is a myth than men have less options when it comes to choosing shoes and clothes. But at O.SUR, we think the possibilities are endless! That’s why we want to introduce you to our collection of designer shoes for men… we can’t wait to surprise you!

Why offer designer shoes for men?

The answer is simple: because many men seem to believe that the only options they have are either sports shoes or “dress shoes”, in other words, sneakers or loafers. But, there is room for more adventurous designs.

At O.SUR, we proudly put our name to a line of designer men’s shoes that can be both comfortable and elegant. We offer models with a laid-back air, but which are also designed for men who want to dress well for any occasion.

Zapatos de diseño para hombre - Bizerte modelo

Below you will find eight examples of men’s shoes to suit all tastes from our autumn/winter collection: from casual loafers to boots, including a fantastic selection of sneakers. What’s more, some of them even have 50% off for a limited time only!

8 men’s designer models from O.SUR

Bizerte Beige: loafers made from beige suede that combine elegance with a laid-back air. This is an ideal model as we move into autumn, offering great comfort as they are made from just one single piece of leather.

Zapatos de diseño para hombre - Bizerte

Alba: boots for the coming winter, designed to suit a more refined but still relaxed look. Their suede exterior and soft, lined interior will keep your feet warm and protect them from the rain.

Zapatos de diseño para hombre - Alba

Agrigento: who said that classic sneakers couldn’t be daring? These shoes are superbly elegant thanks to their combination of matte and patent leather, whilst still maintaining an urban edge.

Zapatos de diseño para hombre - Agrigento

Albi: These designer men’s shoes are perfect for anyone looking to reclaim that sporty style from their younger years, whilst still passing for formal occasions thanks to their muted colours and quality fabrics. In fact, it’s a model that will never go out of style.

Zapatos de diseño para hombre - Albi

Amalfi: a low-rise, slip-on sneaker without laces. This urban design has been created with a black faux leather exterior and goes perfectly with cigarette trousers for a bold but put-together look.

Zapatos de diseño para hombre - Amalfi

Arlés: here we have a pair of wonderfully playful sneakers, thanks to its combination of burgundy suede and an elasticated tongue with 5 different coloured stripes; they aren’t gender specific.

Zapatos de diseño para hombre - Arles

Alcudia: this model has been designed for men who like to cause a stir and add contrasting touches to their outfits. These slip-on sneakers combine olive green suede with a woollen toe, taking a fresh spin on this classic shape.

Zapatos de diseño para hombre - Alcudia

Ajaccio: this model brings an air of maturity and sincerity to these youthful and urban sneakers. the army and olive tones of green go perfectly with any style of trouser, giving you an elegant look for all occasions.

Zapatos de diseño para hombre - Ajaccio

So, what do you think of our men’s designer shoe collection? If you like what you’ve seen, take advantage of our exclusive offer! The last 5 models in the list (Albi, Amalfi, Arlés, Alcudia and Ajaccio) all feature a 50% discount until the end of October, which you can read more about in this post.

Dare to wear and prove that men can also dress with flair and style without always resorting to those overly formal options!


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