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5 party shoes to help you make an entrance this Christmas

The holidays present the opportunity for all kinds of occasions: dinners with friends, family meals or traditional New Year’s Eve parties. To help make it easier to choose the perfect outfit, we want to propose 5 O.SUR party shoes that will make heads turn, even in the snow.

5 party shoes for every Christmas occasion

Cannes: is there anything more appropriate for a festive gala than court shoes? As we discussed in this post, this is a model steeped in history that has taken its inspiration from the original design’s purest form.

5 zapatos de fiesta para lucir esta Navidad - Cannes

The elegant black fabric and simple silhouette foregrounds the graceful outline of your feet, making Cannes the perfect choice to pair with an elegant, figure-hugging evening dress. If you’re looking to start the new year in the most sophisticated way possible, Cannes is the choice for you.

Creta: will you be toasting to Christmas or the New Year with friends? This vintage-inspired court shoe is the ideal choice; it’s perfect for informal occasions but also adapts to more formal settings. So, if the party carries on into the night, you won’t have to worry about bringing a change of shoes!

5 zapatos de fiesta para lucir esta Navidad - Creta

Creta puts a modern spin on a 1930s shape and a vintage camel and black colour palette, whilst its leather laces and heel put the finishing touches to this elegant design. This model can be worn simply with jeans, but also with formal black attire or more casual, floaty fabrics.

Corfú: every holiday season is full of parties, not to mention marathon shopping sprees and New Year’s Day walks along frosty country lanes. What could be better than a pair of boots to accompany you through these festive moments? Corfú will not only keep your feet warm and comfortable, it will also bring a touch of graceful elegance to your look.

5 zapatos de fiesta para lucir esta Navidad - Corfú

These chocolate brown boots are ideal for combining with cigarette jeans, whilst offering the wearer great versatility for other more formal outfits. For this reason, they’ll complement your look whether going shopping or sitting down for a Christmas meal.

Baki and Catania: what’s more Christmassy than glossy, pearlescent colours, like that golden bronze that reminds us of bubbles in a glass of champagne? O.SUR’s Moroccan slippers are a magnificent choice for this year’s Christmas feasts.

5 zapatos de fiesta para lucir esta Navidad - Baki Plata

Baki and Catania are a tribute to this model’s thousand-year-old history, taking inspiration from its minimalist design and transforming it into a completely contemporary shoe. They are wonderfully comfortable thanks to their shape and soft materials, which make them ideal for wearing to long, festive dinners.

Baki Gold and Baki Plata stand out for their faithful homage to the original Moroccan slipper and for their respective golden and silver finishes, depending on which design you choose. They are ideal for pairing with black dresses, simple trousers and wintery colours, against which they create a particularly eye-catching contrast.

5 zapatos de fiesta para lucir esta Navidad - Catania Bronce

Catania Magnesio and Catania Bronzite are two glossy Moroccan slippers in more striking colours, which feature a fun-loving, sateen tassel. When paired with a sheer dress, these shoes will give your outfit a great sense of elegance, whilst ensuring you are always comfortable wherever you may tread.

What do you think of these 5 party shoes for this holiday season? We hope we’ve given you some ideas of what to wear this Christmas, whether you’re with family or friends, so you don’t have to worry about your wardrobe and can concentrate on spending more time with them. Merry Christmas!



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